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IsocellAirstop has been present in the UK market since 2008; being one of the first to offer such a comprehensive offering within the United Kingdom, we do and have supplied many noteworthy companies and projects.

We were involved in the First passive building in London, as well as the smallest passive building in London; our products have been widely used in the UK, including within projects such as Tŷ Solar®’ which was developed by Western Solar as a prototype for ultra-low-energy affordable housing in wales back in 2013. We also supplied Stewart Milne with several hundred thousand meters of tape for their SIGMA home system. They tested our products against six other offerings and concluded that ours is the best in class, useability and affordability. Many notable builders and projects within the UK have used our products.  We have a network of partners who can supply you, or we can supply direct. Call on our UK  Freephone number, 08004334833  or email us, and we will find the most suitable way to assist you with your needs. 

United Kingdom full of history
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