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Window & Door 

Isocell Airstop window tapes are designed to offer a variety of solutions in order cater for all types of makeup and detail,  from our industry leading Internal and external Isowindow Uvau and Isowindow Febasoft  with its unbelievable stretchiness, fingerlift liners , combined with one of the heaviest layers of acyl adhesive in the industry,  to our durable split back user friendly Windowflex products, Isocell have some of the best in the industry to choose from, whether its an external or internal solution , masonry, block, precast or timber frame we have the right product for you! On top of that we can also make custom widths in our Internal and external Isowindow  F1/F12 range! Who else can do that for you?  

We are here to help -we offer professional advice -and we can do a deal! 

If you're looking for some of the best tapes in the industry look no further  you have just found them!