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Our team has decades of experience in the construction industry, both onsite and offsite methods of construction. We offer a consulting service to assist companies in achieving the best possible makeups cost-efficient but, more importantly, technically correct in detail.  Although we do come across good details and good workmanship, a high percentage of what we see needs to be improved; unfortunately, we see many projects where insulation, airtightness and wind tightness are not prioritised as they should be; unfortunately, this will lead to problems down the road.  We are experts in this field but yet so many give the installation work to either unskilled individuals or other trades not proficient in the subject. We see many drawings and specifications that are basically copied and pasted but not necessarily correct for the project at hand; we see many important decisions being left to people who do not possess the knowledge to select or indeed install the necessary products in a professional manner, to the untrained eye all looks well, but to those who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject things are not always what they should be. 


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