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Welcome to Isocell in Ireland. We have been active in Ireland since 2007 and are proud to have our distribution base in Ireland perfectly positioned to cover  Ireland, The United Kingdom, Canada and The United States. As leaders in this field and one of the first to specialise in this area, we have helped and trained many within the industry. Our in-house experts have assisted on many projects to date. Our product selection and expertise help to achieve an energy-efficient, healthy and durable build. We can supply you with a complete system for air, wind and water tightness through our network. We can also offer an entire supply and fit service via our certified installation partners or our crew, "The Airstop Team", who specialises in the supply and fit of Isocell's products. Although many have come after us, few offer the service, product quality, customer service or expertise we are known for. We are leaders in this field, and our products and service speak for themselves. We welcome you to explore our product range and learn what we already know;

Isocell Airstop is second to none. 


The Airstop Team Logo

The Airstop Team 

In Ireland and interested in a supply and fit.

Why not get in touch with our experts?

If you are a self-builder - for a small fee, we can also : 

Teach you to fit yourselves? Want to be trained - we can train you. 

Want an assessment of your property? We can do that too!

Need professional advice on upgrades - why not contact us?

Have you had a building built, and it's not warm as it should be or hasn't achieved the necessary airtightness levels? We can help with rectifying this or carry out a report for litigation. 

The Airstop Team

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