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Airstop Membrane System

Isocell Airstop vapour control membranes are designed to offer various solutions for all types of makeup. From our top-of-the-range Smart/Variable/Intelligent call it what you will, our Airstop Diva + membrane is designed to offer you the best possible solution for any makeup, including non-diffusive wall and roof makeups, mesh reinforced to be strong. With a wide sd variance in vapour diffusion, it is, without doubt, one of the best in the industry. Our Fixed sd membranes come in various specifications, allowing the specifier or customer to choose from a range of products to suit the application. When it comes to Airtight vapour control layers selecting the right product is critical to ensuring proper vapour control and reducing the risk of mould and mildew within your roof and wall makeup. Airtight Vapour control layers are a specialised matter. Don't risk using what's available off the shelf without getting expert advice - we are here to help, offer professional advice, and can do a deal! 



In general, the Airstop FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Retarder is suitable for all roof and wall constructions on non-vapour retardant components on the outside. In makeups that are well sealed on the exterior (e.g. flat roofs, renovations), the low sd-value guarantees a high degree of drying towards the interior during the summer months. A check should be made in every case by carrying out a calculation (e.g. with WUFI) to ensure the suitability of this option. ISOCELL’s staff will be pleased to offer you technical support. The FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Retarder can also be used for the sub-and-top system in refurbishment. A very versatile product designed to protect your structure from moisture build-up.