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Introduction - selection process

Installation guidelines


The information provided is intended as a basic guide only. It's your responsibility to fully understand your specific project needs.  Installing products comes with safety risks; these are your full responsibility; please inform yourself and adhere to all site and state safety requirements while working on any site or project. 


At Isocell Airstop, we have a wide selection of roofing membranes.
Selecting the correct roof membrane is essential to ensuring your roof keeps the wind and rain out. A good quality roofing membrane is money well spent. It will protect your structure under the harshest of environments for the lifetime of the build. Just because a roofing membrane has a specific stamp or approval does not mean it suits every application. When selecting a roof membrane, you must be very clear about what the membrane must do, particularly for projects requiring a more extended build period or in exposed coastal or windy locations. In such situations, you may consider a membrane with an integrated sealing strip or in areas with high rain or snow; if so, consider using our nail-sealing PE tapes to the underside of the roof battens. Remember that all valleys, junctions and pipe penetrations also need to be sealed, so look at the systems/products we provide to assist with such details. The roof pitch is also a significant consideration.  Not all membranes will work on low-pitch / close-to-flat roofs. 
Other considerations are the strength and tear resistance; larger projects expose the membranes longer and generally have more traffic, so you may need a more robust membrane with a longer UV resistance. The way a membrane deals with moisture is also a factor. We generally recommend a monolithic membrane, these handle vapour very efficiently and can be laid direct to rafters or sheeting/insulation. In any case, a quality roof membrane always pays for itself, staying in one piece during the build process and protecting the fabric of the structure while ensuring you only have to do it once. We are here to help. If you need assistance in selecting the right product, please get in touch with us. This is a general guide only for specific membranes; please contact us. 


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